Additional Demands by female escorts RK Puram Delhi

Female escorts RK Puram Delhi have made some additional demands beyond the fee hike proposal. They want their clients to also serve them their meals for the night if they are to attend them after 10 at night. They have complained about malnourishment in their bodies because of the hectic work hours. It only remains to be seen if all the young men agree with their terms and conditions.

Help provided by RK Puram Escort Service

The RK Puram escort service agencies have promised to help the girls if they are to face any issue with managing their clients. The agencies have clarified that they would serve them lunch as well as dinner for ensuring their good health. Escorts in RK Puram as it appears want help from both the parties. They have got rid of their kind, submissive character and replaced it with toughness. They believe that unless they stand against the injustice being laid on them things will not improve for them. So from next time you invite one of them in your home make sure to cook sufficient dinner for both of you.